The meetings will be as follows: first meeting with students in Italy in February, 2017. We will play the international game "Twilight Struggle" game and "Triumph & Tragedy". The second meeting with students will be in May 2017 in Poland. We will play te international game and "1989, Dawn of Freedom". Pupils will create a collage which will be exhibited in the mobility in Poland. Later, the collage will be uploaded on the Etwnning project page as well as on the webpage of the project. The third meeting with pupils will be in Bulgaria, in October 2017. There we will play the international game and "Balkan Wars" and also work on our new board game about refugees. In the last meeting with students in the Czech Republic we will play with our students the international game and "Dawn of Freedom".

Additionally, students will  play  strategy board games in their board game clubs in every school. The rules and working language of these games will be English. During mobilities students will act in mixed, international teams. The students taking part in the mobilities will bring the national game of each mobility to each country and train their classmates in playing the new game. Language test will be held to assess the acquisition of English skills. The results of the diagnostics language testwill be presented and evaluated. Some students will lead activities in their project groups at schools in order to show the others how to play Twilight Struggle game which will be practised regularly during meetings. 

The rules of the Twilight Struggle game will be uploaded on the etwinning platform and making a video about students and teachers’ experiences. Skype conferences will be held for online playing games.  Each school will prepare an exhibition about the results of the project including pictures from mobilities, board game player, videos from school board game clubs and mobilities.