TURKISH NA Meeting on 21st November, 2016 / 22th May, 2017

<p>According to National Agency procedues, Turkish Project Coordinator Mine Aygül Kaya has attended the National Strategic Partnership meeting held in Ankara on 21st November, 2016. During the meeting,briefings have been held by Melda Alagöz, Bünyamin Gökgöz and Feyza Yiğit. It has been fully fruitful in terms of acquiring necessary information. We as the project coordinators also had the chance to exchange views. </p> <p>On the second sceheduled meeting of the National Agency on 22th May, 2017, the mid-term meeting was organized in Ankara. In this meeting, the changes in the usage of MToll and mid-term report presentations and the information on the usage of grant have been discussed. Mid-term report will be completed till 30th June, 2017. </p>