It was a meeting only carried out by teachers and coordinators on 13-19 November, 2016. In this mobility, there were two separate meetings. Transnational Project Meeting and Short Term Staff meeting (CI). In these meetings, a series of decisions were taken connecting our future arrangements.

  • In this mobility, we first visited The Museum of Albacete. Then we went to Base los Llanos Military base. A seminar about the history of Spain was held. We took notes that we would share with our own groups.
  • The seminar about using the historical board games was held in history seminar. The game Twilight Struggle was examined and played. This game was about the Second World War and Cold War period and post war period. This game would be taught to the project students during the project.
  •  All project coordinators also have presentations about their home countries in Castilla La Manca University in Albacete. In this seminar, Mine Aygül Kaya also displayed the videos of their hometown, İzmir and their school which was quite presentable. During this activity, all the presentation videos related to the countries, schools and cities are decided to load on E-twining portal.
  • The students had been asked to create a logo about Erasmus Project before this mobility. Each country had voted the logos created by their students and Turkish logo had been chosen with the majority votes. Turkish logo had been created by Irmak Kaya from Turkish team.
  • In this mobility, as all the partners aimed to observe the progress of the students in the history of Europe playing this board game, a test was prepared to be applied to the students twice: one in the beginning of the period of our project and one in the final of the project. First part would be about the” Language Diagnostics in English” and the second part about “History”. This test would be transferred to the online computer programme by the Italian team.
  • Muge Tufan from Turkish team explained the Website and the usage of it in a seminar. This site will be useful to disseminate the project.
  • "" online address was determined by all partners. The mobility dates were decided :

      20-24 February, 2016 in Italy

      29 May 2017 - 02 June 2017 Poland

      09-13 October, 2017 - Bulgaria

      February, 2018 - Chez Republic

      June 2018 - Turkey

A protocol was arranged by all partners. According to this protocol:

  • The invitation and the schedule will be sent a month before the scheduled meeting.
  • The participant students’ information will be sent at least two weeks before the mobility.
  • The host country will arrange the hotel reservations.
  • The host country will inform the meeting points of the students and their host families.
  • The students will be having their meals with heir host families. Lunch meals might change according to the schedule.
  • All countries will be responsible for the evening schedules.
  • Every country will be responsible for their own transport and meal fees.
  • The host country will decide on the visits or the activities which will be held in their countries.
  • The number of students might change country to country. So the students will exchange their host families. If the number ıncreases, the volunteer families will host the students. Every family will be hosting only one student. If it happens to be necessary, the families will host two students from different countries.
  • Every school should have Erasmus + Project group from seventh graders. And each school should form a group of teachers who would be able to support this project. These teaches who should be chosen from specific branches had been indicated in this project application form. In addition to contact teacher (coordinator), there must be teachers from the branches of English, History, Art, ICT and Maths.  And Science and Turkish teachers can also be useful to carry out this project.
  • It is also expected to exchange the experiences among other branch teachers to disseminate this project.  
  • To inform the students in our schools, an Erasmus Corner would be displayed.
  • 6 December, 2016 with the aim of choosing the students in this project, a briefing for the parents was planned at 12.30-13.30 on 6th December, 2016. In this briefing, Erasmus + Projects and National Strategic Partnership will be introduced.