Bulgarian Mobility

It was held on 9-13 October, 2017 in Smolyan. Geography and Social Science teacher Mine Aygül Kaya, English teacher Özlem Gönen and the students Arda Nayiş, Can Görgül and Yamaç Akdal were attendees for this mobility.

On the 9th October, the opening ceremony was organized in Smolyan at Otets Paisii School. The ceremony was completed with the introduction of the students and teachers. History lesson about “East of the Iron Curtain” was given. The students attended the board game workshop and played the new game “Refugee” in groups.

On 10th October, all the students and teachers went to Smolyan Lakes. The lecture about the greatest strategists in history was given by a soldier. After walking the lakes, puzzle games were played by all the participants. One of the students in each group presented their puzzle and history of the place. They had a lecture about the Balkan War and it was prepared and presented by a Bulgarian student.

On 11th October, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv was visited. In this city the museum of Aviation was seen and a detailed history of aviation was explained.  The old town of Plovdiv, which is an architectural and historical reserve, was seen. All the participants spent some time and watched the magnificent view of the city at the Antique Theatre.

On 12th October, Planetarium, the Historical Museum and Pamporovo TV Tower were seen. They were really worth visiting. All the participants learnt a lot about Bulgarian history, local life, traditions and beliefs.

On 13th October, the subject Bulgarian Aviation during the Cold War was presented by Bulgarian students and the students were encouraged to play the board game and it was played successfully in teams including different country students.

With these workshops and visits students learned how to seek and take decisions in certain situations to solve a problem. They helped students learn to classify and summarize information and improve their English language skills.