Poland Activities

English teacher Ayşegül Özge, Art teacher Seyra Akyaz, History Teacher Mine Akgül and the students. Irmak Kaya, Barkın Ateş and Nehir Kayaalp were attendees for this mobility. The opening ceremony completed with the introduction of the students and teachers. The techniques on preparing the strategic board games were given by the company “Gambit”. The students attended the game “Hare and Hounds”. The budget discussions were held by the teachers. The Movie Bridge of Spies was watched by the students and teachers and afterwards discussions on the movie were held.
On 30th May, the teachers had a mid- term meeting, meanwhile the students were encouraged to play different strategic board games.  Later, the teachers started to play the refugee games which was developed in Italy. After that, the students attended the history classes about the Polish history. The military Base was visited and they observed the equipment around the base.
31st May, Wroclaw city was visited. The municipality building, the university street, Tumski Bridge and the Wroclaw Fountain were seen.
On 1st June, The culture Centre in Bytom were visited by the whole group where the students played board games while the teachers were sharing the country assignments on creating board games.
Poland - Events Cards
Spain - Board Maps
Turkey – Gama Cards
Chez Republic - Instructions
Right after the completion of the board game, Poland will prepare the QR codes.
Italy will also prepare a glossary about the terminology of this board game.
Only the countries - in whose application forms this project is mentioned- will play the games.
On 2nd June, The museum called “Silesian Uprisings in Swietochlowice” was visited. 3D shows about the historical improvements of the country were watched by the students.
In Bytom, the exhibition related to İzmir and Turkey was displayed. In this exhibition, a collage and a map with the title of “Let’s Know about Turkey “- which was prepared by the Turkish art teacher and students - have been displayed in the City Culture Centre.