School Activities

With the great hospitality of the Spanish Team, we started the programme with scheduling the following motilities. All the teams were eager to establish a useful partnership. We also had a training on the "Twilight Struggle Game" by an expert and the next step was to play the game avoiding to cause a nuclear war :) As can be seen from the pictures, we didn't only acquire a lot of information and tried hard while playing the game but we also were very excited and had fun during the activity. Especially the events in the cards were all familiar to all of us and we discussed a lot on how to train our students as our students are expected to play the game in Italy. We also decided on some protocol issues as well as the duties of all partners which were cleared and put into progress. Apart from all of the preparations, we prepared a test as mentioned in the protocol to be given to our students at the beginning of the project period. The same test will be given at the end of the period as well, to view the progress they make.

Apart from all the project work, it was very nice to know our new partners and collaborate with them. We all hope to see you all next time again.